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Canned Tomatoes Hot Pack Method Recipe

Canned Tomatoes, Hot Pack Method, Tomatoes

What You Need:

Cooking ingredients.

1 4 leaves Fresh Basil per jar 2 pound(s) Fresh Tomatoes

How to Do It:

Step by step recipe instructions.

Prep: Wash and dry tomatoes. Use cool water to remove dirt – pat dry · Wash and Dry basil leaves – pat dry · Wash canning jars – use dishwasher on high heat, this will sterilize the jars. · Make sure all utensils are clean. · Wash and dry jar rings · *If you make sure everything is clean then you ensure nothing will spoil
In a large sauce kettle quarter the tomatoes and gently squeeze them into the kettle. Continue do this for all tomatoes. Ensure there is no rot and if needed cut it out and discard the rotten portion(s). Once all the tomatoes are quartered place on the stove over medium heat. Be sure to stir frequently, this will ensure nothing sticks. Once the tomatoes begin to boil, reduce heat to low and allow boiling for 1 ½ hours. During this time, in a small kettle, boil on low the lids to sterilize them and prep them for canning. Allow the lids to boil throughout the canning process. This will keep them sterilized. Also, place 3-4 leaves of basil in each jar. Now that the tomatoes have boiled 1 ½ hour it is time to can.
Place the jars on a large cookie sheet and place a canning funnel in the first jar. Ladle in the tomato mixture but leave a 1 inch head space. Remove funnel place a lid and tighten a jar ring on it. The tomato mixture should remain on the heat, preferably on low, stirring constantly. Continue filling jars until mixture is gone. Once all of the jars have been filled, lidded and tightened flip them upside down covered and allowed to cool for 24 hours. After 24 hours, flip the jars right side up and make sure the lid has been sucked down. If the lid has not been sucked down the mixture is not air tight and needs to be repacked (Repeat process above).
Place the cooled jars in dark, cool and dry place and enjoy! Tomatoes could be used at any time, simply blend to the consistency needed.

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