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You’re here because you love to cook. And chances are, your friends and family do too. How many times have you wanted to make Grandma’s famous meatloaf, but didn’t have the recipe?

Or had that amazing slice of cake at your friend’s house, and spend hours endlessly Googling for something similar? This is the place for recipe swapping online. This is your chance to create the best cookbook ever, because it’s filled with the recipes you, your families and friends love. (and we promise, you don’t have to share that award winning hot fudge recipe with anyone you don’t want to.)

We started this site because we love to cook and share food with our families. What better way to share than to create a place that keeps all those well-loved recipes in one place for our whole families to use, anytime? We love the idea of a big online family cookbook, and we hope you do too.

Even better, you don’t have to spend hours typing in the recipes. Send us a photo or scan of your recipes, and we’ll convert them for you!

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